Great Ocean Road – Australia

Great Ocean Road

One of the best 1.5 hour drives to take during your lifetime will definitely be on the Great Ocean Road along the Southern Ocean. Starting from Melbourne’s city centre, it spans 400 km to Nelson on the South Australian border. On the way there are a plethora of activities to engage in! Visiting the charming fishing village of Port Fairy, trekking through the Great Otway National Park to see thundering waterfalls and sparkling gorges, taking the Otway Fly Zipling Tour 30m above the forest floor, sipping on excellent wines from the Basalt Vineyard, savouring fish from the seafood markets, picking blackberries from the Pennroyal Rasberry Farm, whale watching, and swimming with dolphins as well as platypus on Lake Elizabeth during a guided tour at dawn! If you are interested in the Aboriginal culture, you can even taste bush tucker, learn about ancient remedies as well as hear didgeridoo playing at the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Geelong.

To book tours or specific attractions, click on: The Great Ocean Road Attractions

Photography Credit: Visual Collections

Information Credit: Visit Australia


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