Tteuran Traditional Tea House – South Korea

Tteuran Traditional Tea House.jpg

Now if you are stopping by Seoul in South Korea and would like to visit one of the coziest and most traditional tea houses, definitely check out Tteuran! This café is tucked away in the Ikseondong alley and serves authentic Korean tea and snacks inside of a 80 year old Korean hanok that is equipped with a hot ondol (traditional Korean underfloor heating). It is absolutely mesmerising to sit on the floor and gaze out of the large glass windows into the courtyard covered with crawling vines and blooming flowers. Try out the omija cha and sanghwacha black herbal teas as well as the famous red bean porridge or the savoury mugwort rick cakes which are accompanied by a sweet syrup to dip into!

Fantastic snap by xxsamurai.

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